Spatial data warehouse

What is GeoARA? 

GeoARA is a state-of-the-art descriptive and spatial data warehouse that allows integration, centralization and harmonization of data from multiple sources. GeoARA allows two-way integration and exchange of data with domain systems, so that decision-makers have better access to information within the organization. 

Main target group 

Typical recipients of GeoARA are local government units that aggregate, analyze and make decisions based on data from multiple domain systems. However, GeoARA will work equally well for private sector companies, where integration and analysis of data from different sources will contribute to business benefits. 

What differentiate us? 

Comprehensive integration of data from various systems often requires a significant amount of time and resources, as well as access to specialized knowledge. Working with more than 160 local government units, we have developed ready-made models and solutions to support integration with, among others, geodetic or financial-accounting systems, which significantly affects the time, cost and quality of implementation.  

Solutions used in GeoARA allow simultaneous work on descriptive and spatial data (on a map), which significantly increases their readability and shortens the time needed for their analysis, e.g., for processing cases in the office. 

Examples of the use of GeoARA as a technology in specific, specialized cases are InsLAB and TreeQuant.  


Data integrationtaking data from domain systems and external services.  

Access to historical data.  

Spatial data visualization – a multitude of layers and ways to present data on a map.  

Advanced search engineseasy search of descriptive and spatial data.  

Spatial analysisadvanced analytical operations on map objects 

Sketchbook module and layer editordrawing your own objects on the map and adding them to the indicated register.  

Creating your own registers and layers. 

Benefits from implementation 

Deployment flexibility – Deployment on the client’s infrastructure or in OPEGIEKA Data Center.   

Everything in one place – full integration of domain systems. Full control over data resources. 

Decision-making supportfaster information flow. Wide possibilities of delegating authority and flexible adjustment of functionalities 

Security of data processing 

Proactive supporttechnical and substantive supportMultiple methods of contact with experienced specialists. 

Other products 

For a more complete demonstration of our activities, we encourage you to take a look at our other products: 

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