IT Staff Augmentation

Geoinformatics and geospatial expertise for your project

What is IT Staff Augmentation? 

It involves temporarily engaging a high-level external expert in a particular field – in our case, with geoinformatics and geospatial intelligence competencies – on a project. Usually, the hiring of an expert is needed only for a limited period of time, so training your own employee or hiring a person with such competencies on a permanent basis is economically unjustifiable. Usually such an expert serves as a consultant and advisor, although it is not uncommon for him or her to be involved in the day-to-day, low-level work of the team as well.  

Main target group 

All entities (public and private) that will need geoinformatics or geospatial intelligence competencies during project implementation. 

What differentiate us? 

We have dozens of experts in the field of geoinformatics and geospatial intelligence, and our 30 years of experience includes the implementation of dozens of implementations, EU-funded projects and research projects. 

Expertise and technologies supported 

designing key architecture elements of emerging/modernized GIS / Geo big data / Geo ML systems  

requirements analysis, rapid prototyping, UI/UX design  

analysis, integration, harmonization and exchange of data using GIS standards and formats, with external, GIS/CAD type organizations/systems/tools  

knowledge of technologies used in the field of GIS systems 

GIS programming libraries (openlayers, leaflet, cesium, geotools, gdal, pdal, terria, geotrellis, rasterframes and many others);  

 GIS/CAD standard applications: 

 – Bentley (Microstation),

– Hexagon (GeoMedia, ERDAS Apollo, Geospatial Portal, m.App Enterprise, Luciad)



– CloudCompare,

tools and solutions: 

– GeoServer,

– PostgreSQL

– PostGIS,

– GeoNetwork,


– TerriaMap,

– JasperReports,

– SuperSet;

processing of spatial data in a distributed and parallel model  

use of spatial data in machine learning processes   

optimization and security of GIS systems   

building INSPIRE-compliant services and metadata  

programming: Java, JavaScript, Python, C/C++, PL/pgSQL, PHP 

Benefits of cooperation 

The service we offer gives the greatest added value during the implementation of projects where there are issues in the area of geoinformatics in the broadest sense, and the permanent team does not have the necessary competence.  

The flexibility of selecting competencies for what is needed when it is needed.  

Among the entire scope of the project, we reduce costs without sacrificing quality and reduce the time spent developing and analyzing solutions that require the competencies we have.  

We provide fresh ideas along with an objective view of the overall project in terms of implementation, and the suggestions provided help better achieve the desired project outcome. 

Other products 

For a more complete demonstration of our activities, we encourage you to take a look at our other products: 

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