Remote sensing analytics

Harness the full potential of geodata 

What are remote sensing analytics? 

They are products for processing satellite, aerial, mobile, vector and other spatial data to create dedicated products to meet customer needs. The products developed are related to the analysis of urban greenery, the creation of 3D noise maps, the extraction of certain elements of the natural environment, buildings or infrastructure through the use of machine learning algorithms. 

Main target group 

Private companies and public institutions that rely on the accurate detection of various landscape elements or the ongoing or time-selected monitoring of an area in their daily work. The end customer receives a finished product that meets all the indicated needs. 

What differentiate us? 

As a company with over 30 years’ experience in the geospatial intelligence market, we have the resources and knowledge of what data is available and how to use it to solve the most complex problems. Our expertise in machine learning and deep learning algorithms allows us to use this data for the vast majority of purposes a client desires.  

 We have partnered with a world-class partner, Planet Labs, which provides us with its satellite imagery assets to conduct analysis, and Cyclomedia, which acquires and provides us with mobile mapping data.

Technology used 

There is no one-sizefits-all method or technology used for every customer. We try to listen to the needs and tailor both the end products and the intermediate data used individually. We create our own machine learning algorithms and use different data resolutions and their location in time. We pay attention to the sources of origin so that the client gets the best quality product. 

Exemplary analysis 

Analysis of the roof solar potential 

Changes over time, e.g. in terms of vegetation changes  

Analysis of vegetation in urban areas for spatial planning purposes  

Distribution of noise intensity by creating a 3D noise map  

Verification of the occurrence of insurance damage – we apply this in our InsLAB product  

Assessment of tree abundance and stand changes – we apply this in our TreeQuant product


Tailored products and analyses  

Provision of high quality data with the possibility of spatial visualisation  

Quick detection of objects of interest  

Ability to make more optimal decisions based on the data obtained 

More about 360° perspective 

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Other products 

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