Technology in the agricultural
insurance market

What is InsLAB?

InsLAB is a platform containing tools for specialized analysis of data used in assessing the occurrence of damage in agricultural insurance. The end result of the analysis is a report that contains all the necessary information to determine the probability rate of occurrence of damage as declared by the claimant.

Types of reports

We offer 4 types of reports resulting from the analysis of different types of data. 


 The overwintering report includes an assessment of the crop’s condition by determining the density of canola plants in the field and detection of areas that do not meet the assumed minimum density in accordance with the T&C. The results of this report support the sales and liquidation departments.

Spring Frost

The spring frost report consists of an assessment of spring frost damage by determining the level (percentage) of damage to a given crop species. The assessment is preceded by monitoring of meteorological conditions in the analyzed field. The results of this report support the liquidation departments.

Storm rain

A storm rain report is an estimate of the amount of damage caused by the occurrence of a hurricane or storm rain. The report, which is the result of the analysis, contains information about the extent of damage within the crop and the area of this damage. The results of this report support eradication departments. 

The storm rain report is the result of analysis of the extent of damage within the crop and the determination of the area of this damage. The analysis takes into account the measurement of the damaged area and information about the symptom of the damage, e.g., stagnant water, plant lining, low planting density. The results of this report support the liquidation departments.

Harvesting date

The harvesting date report uses satellite imagery to verify the harvesting date of the crop in relation to the declared date of occurrence of the reported damage. The analysis takes into account the measurement of the area of the crop remaining in the field on the date of the damage. The results of this report support the liquidation departments.

Main target group

InsLAB is designed for all insurance companies that have insurance instruments covering crop damage in their offerings. Our platform is dedicated to those companies that are looking for ready-made solutions, as well as those that want to participate in the development of a specialized analysis exclusively for their individual needs.

What differentiates us?

The accuracy of the measurements is the most important differentiator of InsLAB, which significantly affects the quality of the reports received and, consequently, the decision to pay the claim.

Having a web and mobile application allows us to keep visits by field liquidators to a minimum and, in the case of a field visit, makes their work easier.

Technology used

Within InsLAB, we have combined field measurements with remote sensing data (aerial and satellite) in machine learning algorithms to perform comprehensive analyses. As a result, we maintain high accuracy of results.


Reporting allows you to generate documentation for sales, claims handling, overwriting and other business objectives. 

Database integration by enriching InsLAB with a policy database. 

Advanced filters for searching objects by selected parameters. 

Multi-level system of assigning rights to user accounts. 

Possibility of flexible customization of functionality for the client.

Implementation benefits

Improving the financial result of the insurance product by generating savings from reduced claims handling time, thanks to accurate reports on the occurrence of a given claim.  

 Reducing the list of customers exploiting the terms of the insurance policy.

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