Hybrid aerial acquisitions

Sky is not the limit

What are hybrid aerial acquisitions? 

We acquire aerial data from multiple sources through our fleet of aircraft and owned sensors. These are primarily oblique and vertical imagery and LiDAR.  

 These data are then processed into products that use one type of data, e.g., orthophotos, or are enhanced and composed of multiple types of data, e.g., 3D MESH models. Hence the name „hybrid aerial acquisitions”  

 These products can then be further analyzed for e.g., object detection, solar potential assessment, vegetation analysis and others. It all depends on the needs of the recipient.  

 The end result of data processing and analysis is made possible by our dedicated SimplyGeo viewer. 

Read more about SimplyGeo here.  

Main target group 

Our services are mainly intended for the public sector using spatial data in their daily work. An example and, at the same time, a target group are highly urbanized local government units, where our aerial data is used, among other things, for spatial planning.  

 However, this does not exclude the possibility of cooperation with private entities that also want to use spatial data in a form not provided by public institutions. 

What differentiates us? 

Having our own fleet of aircraft and a full range of sensors allows us to acquire all types of data via a single flight. This reduces the cost of acquiring data, as well as the time it takes to process it. 

In addition to this, we have held the „First Level Industrial Security Certificate” since 2012, which gives us the full ability to protect classified information with the SECRET, NATO SECRET and SECRET UE/EU SECRET classification. The available secret office allows us to work on the acquisition and processing of areas excluded from photographic recording, which makes us independent of other entities. In addition, we follow strict security procedures in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. 

Technology used 

We have 4 aircraft in our fleet: 

Beechcraft King Air C90A (SP-ISS)

Vulcanair P68-TC Observer (SP-GEO)

Vulcanair P68C (SP-OPG)


More about our fleet here. 

We also have 9 sensors to acquire data, such as: 

Leica CityMapper-2

UltraCam Eagle Mark 3




PhaseOne UX 1000RS




More about our sensors here here.


Vertical and oblique images 

we acquire 6 simultaneous images, i.e., 4 oblique and 2 vertical in RGB and NIR channels,  

every second we capture images with a resolution of 150 MPix 

the acquired data is consistent, high quality and in one coordinate system. 


we capture 2 million 3D points every second,  

we have the ability to register points using a laser with different wavelengths, which is also suitable for scanning wetlands, floodplains, monitoring the shoreline or analyzing watercourses. 

SimplyGeo image viewer 

All spatial data is available for viewing from our dedicated browser. Read more about SimplyGeo here. 

Thermal imagery 

We also have thermal cameras to determine the temperature of the ground and objects in urban areas with an accuracy of 0.005°C. 

Aviation data processing 


True Ortho,

LiDAR point clouds, 

Numerical terrain models and numerical land cover models,  

3D MESH models and semantic 3D MESH models,  

Object detection and image segmentation,  

Specialized geospatial intelligence analysis,  



3D building models.


All the necessary data acquired and processed in one place, in one flight, without the involvement of any third parties.  

In addition to SimplyGeo’s ability to view spatial data, we also have CertiflAI’s application for inspecting aerial photos for defects, reducing verification time. More about CertiflAI here. 

We provide additional IT solutions as needed.  

We operate all over the world, mainly in Europe. 

More about 360° perspective 

Hybrid aerial acquisitions are one of the products from bundle 360° Perspective. You can read more about other products from 360° Perspective here:  

Other products 

For a more complete demonstration of our activities, we encourage you to take a look at our other products: 

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